•System for Visual Inspection of Plastic Closures
•100% Inspection and Rejection of Defects
•System for Visual Inspection of Plastic Bottles, Tubs and other Containers
•100% Inspection and rejection of Defects
•Fully Automated 1 Touch Design Changeover
•Container X inspection with 3D Mapping Technology for Square Homogenous Print Analysis
•Compact High Performance Sorting Machine
•14 High Resolution Camera Views for Detailed
•Homogenous All Surface Inspection
e xtreme Vision Solutions

Precision Automation

High Fidelity Imaging
Closure x
Print  x
Container x
Preform  x
inline vision solution

Compact assemblies for OEM machines

Fittings for Starwheels, Turrets, Conveyors, Blowmoulders & Other
Plastic Closure
Steel Can & Ends
Plastic Container
Closure & Crowns